Hello, my name is Bill Easter, and I am from Washington State. I grew up in a family that had a history of small business ownership, so I grew up listening to tales of my grandpa’s grocery store, seeing my grandma’s hair salon in operation whenever I visited, and hearing about the success of Herb and Wynn’s drive in, one of the first hamburger restaurants in Washington State with a drive-up window in the 1950’s, which allowed our family to own waterfront property on one of America’s best lakes, Lake Chelan.

I served in the US Navy for one enlistment, then did reserve duty before taking on a conventional career as a school teacher. However, I had a seed planted deep within me and if you have ever felt that urge to own a business, it creates an itch that has to be scratched.

In 2002, I left teaching behind and started Move Smart Home Inspections, a full-service home and pest inspection company. It was 50% adrenaline and 50% fear, which all good startups are, and it was seven-day and eighty-hour weeks. It was wildly successful, performing over 500 inspections in the first full year, something only 1% of home inspection companies do. The company existed for 19.5 years and grossed over 4.0 million dollars.

After starting in the service sector, I switched to goods and in 2017 I started an inventory-based e-commerce business to sell on Amazon. An inventory business is a very different animal than a service business, so it was a new learning curve and today in 2023 this business has grossed over 1.5 million dollars.

After growing up hearing about restaurants, grocery stores, and hair salons and after owning a service business and still owning a goods-based e-comm business, here I am, your coach.

Small businesses aren’t just my family history, they are my passion, and they are the American Dream in a nutshell. This is the America I grew up hearing about, the immigrant’s dream, the chance to make your mark and control your future. We will help you to start, scale, or sell your business any way we can. We offer courses, ongoing coaching, and live events-all created with one purpose in mind-to help you live out your dreams!

You CAN build it! We CAN help!

Bill Easter

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